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How It Works
CleanMailPro provides complete anti-spam protection, anti-virus protection and does not lose important messages. CleanMailPro is affordable and simple to use, no software to load or configure. All that is required is that you have domain name (ex. registered and hosted and we will do the rest!

Blocks Spam and Virus's using Proven Technologies
By using all the best methods to block spam, CleanMailPro provides comprehensive spam-blocking and anti-virus protection for your company. Below are the primary algorithms we employ to block spam. We generally target approximately 99% blockage.

Blacklisting of Websites & Domains: CleanMailPro maintains an up-to-date list of the largest and most aggressive known spammers. This list is maintained by both CleanMailPro and other anti-spam groups. This list is automatically updated on each CleanMailPro Spam Firewall.

Keyword Scanning of emails: Our scanning methods include a scoring system such that emails are scored based on a number of criteria. If the score is above a threshold, then that email is flagged as spam. The CleanMailPro team constantly monitors and updates these keywords based on current activity so there is virtually no lost messages.

Checksum Technology: CleanMailPro monitors email traffic through the Internet and uses checksum technology to keep track of the number of times a particular message has appeared on the Internet. If a message has appeared over a certain number of times, it is categorized as known spam. Checksums of known spam messages are utilized by CleanMailPro to block spam messages.

Message Authenticity Checking: Several algorithms are utilized to verify the authenticity of a message. Some of these are simple checks to verify that the “from address” is authentic. Some are more complex relating to SMTP protocol.

Blacklists and Whitelists: Domains, IP’s, and email addresses can be blocked or whitelisted (allowed through). These lists may be maintained on a per user basis or on a corporate basis.

Rate Controls: Utilized to stop denial of service attacks as well as dictionary based spam attacks. These are integrated in CleanMailPro.

File Type Attachment Blocking: Known malicious file types are blocked from entering your e-mail. These attachments are also scanned using the built-in Anti-Virus protection.

Anti-Virus Protection: In addition to anti-spam protection, CleanMailPro provides protection against e-mail based threats such as malicious viruses and worms, which is where 95%+ of the viruses originate. This additional measure is built-in to our service and updates on a hourly basis to ensure the latest definitions are in place.

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