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Benefits of CleanMailPro Filtering Services
First Line of Defense Against Virus Infection.
Like most organizations you've probably invested in some form of virus protection for your systems. Unfortunately, a new virus may be unleashed before your anti-virus software vendor has developed a method to detect it, leaving you unprotected. CleanMailPro’s anti-virus protection has been known to catch new viruses hours before other leading industry leaders, making our anti-virus solution one of the best on the market.

Minimize Wasted Time.
Each employee that spends just five minutes a day reading and/or deleting junk email wastes over 20 hours of company time in the course of a year. CleanMailPro intercepts spam before it reaches the intended recipient, so your employees can get right to the important messages in their inbox without wasting time.

No Software or Hardware To Install or Maintain.
CleanMailPro’s filtering service resides on our mail servers, not yours. All you need to do is point the MX (mail exchanger) DNS record for your domain to our server. No additional setup is required on your end.

Safeguard The Workplace From Porn.
Even the most prudish person can be the unsuspecting target of a pornographic spam attack. Employers who fail to take reasonable efforts to block pornographic emails from reaching their employees may be exposing themselves to potential legal liability. By using CleanMailPro you will drastically reduce the likelihood that pornographic spam will reach your employees.

Reduce Drain on IT Systems & Staff.
Spam currently makes up about one-third of all messages transmitted across the Internet and is growing rapidly. This creates a significant burden on the bandwidth and storage capacity of many IT systems, not to mention the staffs tasked to manage it all. CleanMailPro reduces this strain by stopping junk email before it gets into your internal mail system.

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